Knife Crime Is Not a Black Boy Problem

Knife crime is a problem but it’s not a black boy problem despite what the mainstream media would have you believe.

It’s also laughable that the mainstream media focuses on grime music as being a catalyst for youth violence when violent music is a result of the social enviornment that these kids are living in.
Youths were stabbing each other in the 19th century and I’m quite sure grime music didn’t exist back then.

So, let us take a quick look into the past so we may understand the present.

White gangs that emerged from the 1890s such as the Peaky Blinders or the Scuttlers often fought with knives. They were also fiercely territorial and many of them also initially fought for status rather than profit.
Many of them were also from working-class neighborhoods and experienced some form of poverty.
Sound familiar?






Today, youth gangs are also protective of their postcodes. They are more concerned with street cred rather than making a profit and they come from families situated in and around working-class neighborhoods.

But what feeds gang culture and how can we fix it?

In the 1880s, offenders were jailed in the hundreds but this still didn’t solve the issue which is why Boris Johnson’s plan to come down hard on offenders with tougher sentences and chicken boxes is unlikely to deter someone who is already willing to stab someone to upgrade their street cred.
It seems that the best interventions, back in the 19th century, were local lads who formed clubs equivalent to today’s youth centers and by getting kids into activities such as boxing, football or plain honest work they were able to cut off the recruit supply chain to local gangs.

The truth is that while we can try to save those who have lost their way we may be more productive by focusing on the kids who have yet to be sucked into gang culture.


***This article is for those experiencing a specific type of depression that can be overcome by changing our behavior and thought patterns

If you are feeling suicidal, seek professional help immediately.***

People experience depression for many reasons.


For some, depression is caused by outside influences such as an unsafe home environment or having no food but for others, depression comes from the inside, meaning no matter how many good things happen to them or how much they have, they remain depressed.

They have opportunities that some people can only dream of yet they remain depressed.

Why is this?
The main reason is that they don’t like themselves.
They feel like they don’t deserve good things and have the pessimistic view that everything and everyone is against them.
Their depression is being fed by on-going negative thought patterns.
Self-hatred and self-pity feeds depression.
Depression is the way of telling you that something needs to change.
This is why drugs or material things won’t end the battle, they only hide the battle.
YOU need to change; YOU!
It can be a hard battle but the more you fight against it by learning to like yourself and become a more altruistic person, the stronger you become.
Love yourself but also be helpful to others.
Start a hobby, do something for somebody else in need, go to the gym, get a new career.
You must be able to face the monster in order to defeat it.
I personally recommend an organised workout gym regime, a healthy diet and meditation.
An unhealthy body and mind makes it easier to slip into depression.
It’s also very useful to have people to talk to but at the end of the day you are the only one that can overcome your depression.
I hope this helps.
It’s time for change.