‘Night Flutes’ is the highly anticipated debut from British author Adrian Calloo.

An awe-inspiring poetry collection that will lead you into the depths of the night searching for salvation, shedding the shackles of the past.

‘Night Flutes’ covers topics such as loneliness, lost loves, addictions, redemption, and enlightenment.

Most of the poems were created during a phase of intense depression and addiction while the author yearned for change; burying emotional pain in a haze of drugs and casual relationships.

It ends with revelation and enlightenment, giving hope and inspiration to those who may be experiencing similar battles or as the author likes to call them ‘spiritual adventures.’

This is more than a book of poetry.

It’s a spiritual adventure.

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A Monster in Harlem: A murder mystery set in the Harlem Renaissance

imagesAmid the Harlem Renaissance, a serial killer labeled as ‘The Monster of Harlem’ is abducting children, dumping their mutilated bodies across the city.

Twelve-year-old, Lucius Anderson, flees his dysfunctional home and finds a father-figure in the infamous and charismatic hoodlum, White Suit Buddy.
He is swiftly introduced into the world of organized crime.

When his childhood romance becomes one of the Monster of Harlem’s victims, Lucius, with the assistance of White Suit Buddy, becomes determined to catch and punish the culprit.

As the empire of gangsters begins to crumble into a bloody feud, the Monster of Harlem’s murders seem to come to an end.

Years later, Lucius has turned his life around and is now a teacher with a family but when news of mutilated children being found in New York is reported in the papers, he has no choice but to return to Harlem.

Determined to catch the killer once and for all, Lucius discovers that the Monster of Harlem’s rage has intensified and worst of all the Monster of Harlem’s attention has turned to him and his daughter.

Enter the world of the Harlem Renaissance, beautifully told with unforgettable characters.

A spellbinding and terrifying read.

Set to be released in November 2019